Asia Tier Center Forum 2023

Jeju Island, South Korea

November 1-3, 2023


About ATCF

 The aim of this forum is 1) (short-term) to discuss on the possible solutions for the improvement of connectivity among Asian Tier sites and their status of domestic network environment and 2) (long-term) to monitor periodically the state-of-art of the established network environment through this forum and to organise a body with a broader agenda embracing not only the network but also common issues that could be arisen among Asian Tier sites. The target of this forum is mostly Asian Tier sites, however, the forum is open to every interested parties, in particular, distributed computing coordinations of LHC experiments and network experts on OPN/ONE.

Summary Talks :

WLCG GDB at CERN, 11 January 2023
WLCG GDB at CERN, 20 November 2019
WLCG GDB at CERN, 12 December 2018
WLCG GDB at ISGC Taipei, 8 March 2017

Steering Committee

Chinorat Kobdaj, SUT, Thailand

Kajari Mazumdar, TIFR, India

Sun Kun Oh, Konkuk University, South Korea

Toru Sugitate, Hiroshima University, Japan

Heejun Yoon, KISTI, South Korea